About Us

My name is Lawrence Williams and my assistant/wife is Yvette Williams....and we are Look Again Video.
We would like to make you as comfortable as possible in choosing us to film your wedding.

I have been shooting wedding videos professionally since early 2009, and I have been a video enthusiast for most of my life.  I grew up in Ponchatoula, Louisiana....after graduating high school I went into the Navy and served 4 years....I then went to college for Information Services and Business Management in Jacksonville, Florida and moved back to Louisiana in 2007.  I married the most beautiful woman I had ever laid my eyes on, and we have three gorgeous kids.  When I'm not programming at my full-time job, or shooting video and editing, I'm usually with my family (and of course that can often be more work than anything I get paid for, but it is the most rewarding part of my life by far !!  :)

I began shooting weddings as a way of making a little extra money, and it became so much more to me...... and now that my wife has joined me as a second shooter...it has become a great way to spend time with her as well.

To be invited to share in a couple's wedding day is something we take great honor in, and we do our very best to capture that day in the most memorable way possible - and we also have a blast doing it !!