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An overview of the type of filming you can expect (depending on the package you select):
-  I will show up at the brides prep a couple hours before the ceremony begins (if your package includes the bridal prep), I will get any shots such as your make-up finishing touches, any party favors from your bachlorette party, pictures of the couple that you have, your bridesmaids getting ready and having fun with you.....that sort of thing.... I am a gentleman of course, so I'll step outside when you are dressing....then I'll get you zipping up the dress (that makes for great montage footage) and some final shots of you and your bridesmaids...also any pictures you have taken by the photographer, I'll position myself behind the photographer and get that as well on video.
-  I will need to leave early enough to get to the ceremony and setup, how early I leave will vary depending on how far away it is and the weather and what else is going on and so forth....  I will film the entire ceremony with at least two cameras (possibly a third getting a wide angle from the back).
-  I'll get as much as I can of post-ceremony (if you're taking pictures and such), and I'll leave early enough to get to the reception to capture your arrival, then I'll capture all the important events of the reception (first dance, bride and father & groom and mother dances, bouquet & garter toss, cutting the cake, etc.....) and plenty of shots of folks dancing and if any guests want to have a short interview for you then I'll get that as well......  I'll stay until you leave the reception.
-  After your day is fun really starts....EDITING......EDITING......EDITING......
You will get the entire ceremony (except communion), from start to end...  I have at least two cameras to ensure the best camera angles during your ceremony.
The amount of reception footage will vary, I will certainly have all the highlights (first dance, bride/dad & groom/mother dances, bouquet & garter toss, cutting the cake, etc.....) and I will also try and capture at least a little footage of every guest present (some folks just don't like being on camera though, so I won't be forcing anyone).
If you choose a highlight video I will edit the bridal prep, pre-ceremony, ceremony, & some reception footage into a highlight music video set to a song of your choice.

- If you choose STILL CAPTURE PICTURES TAKEN FROM VIDEO option:  Still capture pictures will be taken from the video footage and provided to the client, the resolution will be much lower than that of a professional photographer’s pictures.  The still shots can be printed, but you should not expect any printed picture to be larger than 4x6 (anything larger will likely be grainy).   The still shots are best viewed online or via a digital screen (for example:  on a social media site or on a mobile phone screen).

-  You will receive the DVD package within 2-6 months after your wedding date.
My goal is to put together a video that you can look at in the years to come and relive it again as though it were yesterday !!!!

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